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Fresh Chicken Eggs

Our laying hens are free to roam our land during the day – they wander around the fields and the barns, and scavenge through our muck and compost heaps, finding worms, slugs, spiders and anything else they can lay their beaks into! They get fed their dinner as well when they go to bed for the evening, nestled up together on their perches. Their natural, healthy lifestyle helps them to consistently lay very tasty eggs, which we sell on site and at farmers markets alongside our meat products.

Fresh Aylesbury & Peking duck

Our Aylesbury x Peking ducks are an ideal table bird, full of flavour thanks to their free roaming in our beautiful Pembrokeshire small holding.

We aim to provide each duck with a happy home and are fully trained and approved to ensure that no suffering is caused during the process. A happy bird is a tasty bird!

Available direct, mail order and through local farmers markets- duck products available are:

  • Whole Duck - £20.00
  • Duck legs - (Pack of two) - £5.00
  • Duck Wings - (Pack of four) - £5.00
  • Duck Breast - (Pack of two) - £8.00
  • Crown - £18.00

Christmas Turkeys

Seasonal availability, these fabulous birds make a festive treat at Christmas and Easter.

Any demand outside of these seasons can be accommodated in advance- please contact us

  • Whole Turkey £8/per kg
  • Crown Small £25
  • Crown Large £35

Depending on seasonal availability

  • 2 x Turkey legs £7.50

For further information on any of our products listed on this page, please contact Rachel on:

Tel: 01239 842 270 | Mobile: 07725 000 250